Selling your home with pets can be a challenge, but if you’re prepared, making a quick and lucrative sale doesn’t have to be hard.

Most pet owners consider their furry friends as part of the family, but potential buyers might not feel the same way. If you want to preserve the value of your home, you’re going to have to clean up after your beloved animals. Juggling the home selling process is hard enough on its own, but we’re here to happily help you navigate this journey with pets in tow.

Remove Signs of Pets

It’s best to keep personal items to a minimum to help potential buyers envision your home as their own. As you take family photos off the wall, stow away your DVD collection, and roll up your kids’ band posters, remove any evidence of your cherished pets as well. This includes litter boxes, chew toys, dog beds, cages, food dishes, or any other accessories that will disrupt the aesthetics of your home.

Deep Clean and Deodorize

Even if you don’t have pets, deep cleaning is always a must. With animals, this is even more important because pet odors and hair are extremely off-putting to buyers. Consider calling in a professional cleaner to help with any stains, disconcerting smells, stubborn hair, and the like. Remember, a clean home will sell much faster than a dirty one.

Repair Any Damages

Just as you’d fix a broken sink or fill in a large hole in the wall, repairing pet damages should be a top priority when selling your home. There’s no need to undergo major home renovations, but you should fix up anything minor that would send buyers elsewhere. Here are a few specific damages to be on the lookout for:

  • Claw or chew marks on door frames, baseboards, walls, etc.
  • Stained or torn carpets
  • Holes dug in the lawn
  • Torn window screens
  • Scratched flooring
  • Ripped furniture or curtains

Relocate Pets During Showings

Many buyers love animals and might even have pets of their own, but that doesn’t mean they want your dog greeting them during an open house. Unfortunately, your cute puppy probably won’t help you sell your home, so find a trusted sitter that can play with your pets in the meantime. At times where it might not be possible to remove them from home, have your realtor alert you of showings ahead of time so you can take your pet on a walk or a drive for the time being.

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