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Are you in Westwood relocating and need to sell your house fast?

So, you found yourself relocating and aren’t sure what to do with your current house? It’s an unnecessary stress of many, especially military families in Westwood as well as other areas nearby. But don’t worry – we have a solution. We are giving you options on what you can do if you’re relocating and presenting pros and cons for all your choices. Don’t worry – relocating has never been easier!

4 things to think about when selling your house in Westwood

If relocating, you always have the option to sell your current house. But did you know that there is more than just one way of selling? We’ve researched three most common ways of selling your property after relocating!

1. Sell Your House Using a Westwood Realtor

Selling your house to a realtor is an excellent option for those who don’t want to or don’t have the experience in house-selling. You get get to choose how much you wish to be involved in the process, however, there are some pros and cons you have to consider if you wish to sell your Westwood house after relocating.

Pros of selling your house using a realtor

  • Perfect option for those who are not interested in doing anything with the property.

Cons of selling your house using a realtor

  • Could take months before the deal is closed.
  • Realtors are not cheap – be prepared to pay thousands of dollars in commissions.
  • You might have to make house repairs and gather all necessary paperwork which could delay selling process.

2. Sell Your House For Sale By Owner, Westwood

Selling your house independently will give you a chance to get more experience of the real estate market. This is a perfect choice for those confident in their selling skills.

Pros of selling your house by owner in Westwood

  • Hands-on approach and a networking experience.
  • YOU decide the selling price.

Cons of selling your house by owner in Westwood

  • You might need to know a bit more about your local real estate marketing.
  • Selling independently will bring you more profit than selling to a Realtor.
  • Save on commission costs!

3. Sell Your Westwood House to a Cash House Buying Company

Another option is to sell your house to a house-buying company serving Westwood. This gives you the best of both worlds! You won’t have to worry about any repairs, you save on commission costs and you can receive a quote in just 24 hours.

East West Properties gives you a cash offer within one day and you can close it whenever you want. Your house can be sold in a week!

If you need to sell your house fast and would like to get a no-obligation cash offer, call us now at (816) 320-6896. Whether you decide to sell your house to us or not, we would like to help answer questions you might have about the process.

4. Rent Out Your House in Westwood; but you don’t want to be a landlord

If you don’t feel like selling your home is the best option now, renting out your house is an ideal alternative.

This might mean you will need to have a hands-on approach as you will become the landlord. Renting out a house would suit best those who are still staying in the area after relocation. However, there are options you can take such as hiring an extra property manager.

Pros of renting your house in Westwood

  • You will receive a steady amount of money every single month.
  • Landlords benefit from many tax advantages as well as mortgage interest deductions.
  • It’s a fantastic way to earn some management skills.

Cons of renting your house in Westwood

  • You will need to stay on top of all house repairs to keep your tenants happy.
  • Due to common tenant disputes, you might need to require a lawyer.
  • Property manager fees in case you are relocating further away.

Tips for renting a house in Westwood

Make sure you inspect the entire property and renovate what is necessary.

  • Pick the right tenants! You are able to run all necessary checks possible to ensure your future tenant is able to pay his or hers rent.
  • Get familiar with the landlord-tenant laws in Westwood, KS.
  • Prepare a ‘renting’ fund – make sure you are always able to afford any necessary repairs.
  • Hire a cleaning service before and after the tenants move out of the house.