When it comes time to photograph your home before listing it, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make a good impression on buyers.

Did you know that top-notch photos can make your house sell 32 percent faster than a home with low-quality images? It might not seem that important initially, but stunning listing photos have a major effect on your home’s sale. Today, we’ve compiled our best tips for home photography to help even the most novice photographers nail their shots.

Stage Your Home

Before you photograph your home, it’s critical to clean and stage it. Dust, fingerprints, and clutter stick out like a sore thumb in pictures. You want to show off the space instead of your personal items so that buyers can envision the space as their own. If rooms are looking drab on camera, spruce things up with some fresh flowers or other plant accents.

Look Through Your Lens

Whether you’re using a cell phone or a DSLR camera, your pictures will turn out better if you take a moment to look at your home through the lens. After taking a picture, notice how the space appears in your camera. Is there any clutter you forgot to hide? Do you like the overall composition of the photo? How do things look in a vertical shot versus a horizontal one? Looking through the lens allows you to notice details that you might miss in person.

Utilize Natural Light

Your camera’s flash isn’t able to light a room well. Instead, prioritize natural light when photographing your home. Pictures that are taken in natural light help each room feel cleaner and more natural. If your home is lacking in natural light sources, photograph during the early morning hours when the light is most striking. You’ll also want to open up the blinds, curtains, and even doors, if necessary, to let in as much sunshine as possible.

Use a Tripod

Putting your camera on a tripod makes it much easier to be deliberate about the composition of each room. This allows you to snap a photo and make any adjustments without altering the camera angle. A tripod will also help your images turn out crystal clear instead of blurry.

Shoot Straight On

Try to set your camera up straight instead of at an angle that will skew the natural lines of your home. This means you need to notice the lines of the floor, countertops, walls, furniture, etc., and try to keep everything as clean-cut as possible in your shots. To do this, position your camera parallel to the walls and assume a low position.

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