Virtual open houses have become a standard in real estate over the last year as we’ve been navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to slowing the spread of the Coronavirus, there are numerous other benefits of online open houses that prove they are here to stay. Continue reading to learn more about the growing importance of these events and how to successfully host one of your own.

How Are Virtual Open Houses Different Than Virtual Tours?

The concept of online open houses is fairly new, so let’s dive into the specifics. How are virtual open houses different from virtual house tours?

  • A virtual tour occurs when the buyer is not able to be physically present at the location. The online homebuyer will feel like they’re touring the house in person as they view a video walkthrough. Typically, a virtual tour will be featured on the house listing and promoted via social media. This way, homebuyers can view and share the media at their convenience.
  • A virtual open house occurs on an online video conference platform at a specific time and date. It is done in a live broadcast format where prospective buyers can ask questions in real-time. This experience is much more interactive than a virtual showing and has been generating great success in Missouri since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Benefits of Virtual Open Houses

There are many advantages to hosting a virtual open house for potential buyers, including:

  • Your home will stand out online.
  • You don’t have to deal with cancellations or no-shows.
  • Your listing will gain more exposure.
  • Virtual open houses offer greater convenience than in-person ones.
  • Buyers who attend online open houses are serious about wanting to purchase your home.
  • You can attract a wider demographic.
  • You don’t have to worry about privacy infringements or the fear of stolen items.
  • You will be doing your part to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Tips for a Successful Virtual Open House

When done correctly, virtual open houses have been proven to help Missouri homeowners sell their homes quickly. Here are ten tips to ensure that your event generates success:

  1. Advertise ahead of time.
  2. Clean, declutter, and stage your home.
  3. Devise the main talking points for the tour beforehand.
  4. Test drive the technology before filming the actual open house.
  5. Let in as much natural light as possible and turn on indoor lights where natural light isn’t enough.
  6. Film horizontally.
  7. Be aware of reflections and mirrors and stay out of view.
  8. Be responsive to questions and comments.
  9. Make note of individuals who seem particularly interested and engaged.
  10. Thank your attendees and provide follow up information that they can act on.

Sell Your Home Quickly with East West Properties

Virtual open houses have many benefits, but if you need to sell your home rapidly, the best way is to work with East West Properties. We buy houses in Kansas City, Missouri, and would love to work with you regardless of the price or condition. Reach out for a fair, all-cash offer today!